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~~send us an email    info@puppyboutiquelv.com  ...better yet...come on down...see for yourself...and fall in-love with your very own puppy at
~~We are sent home  with another free vet visit, pet health guarantees,  and on-going expert "hotline" support whenever needed!

~~Healthy and happy puppies are my humans' number one priority! All of us are checked by two vets and issued a health certificate before we leave the breeder and after we arrive to Puppy Boutique – where we are kept in a clean, temperature-controlled and air purified environment and socialized daily by  experienced, puppy loving team! It does not stop there – our veterinarian comes visit us every week to make sure we are in good health.

~~Here at Puppy Boutique we have the widest selections of high quality fellow puppies in the Valley – from toy breeds to large breed…to pure breed…to designer breeds; and we offer the most affordable prices making us your best choice when choosing a best friend… and OH…my humans love Bulldogs!

I'm Samson.  I come from a pet store focused on providing the cutest, most lovable, adorable and healthiest puppies in Las Vegas. My humans are known for excellent customer service - we rely on repeat business
Please do your research prior to getting any puppy. We encourage you to look around (I'm open-minded you know). You might also be interested in adopting an older fellow that needs a home from other local organizations

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Welcome, puppy fanciers, fellow doggies.  I am Abby ,  an  adorable English bulldog who loves to play , lick human faces, and chew anything and everything in sight. 

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Puppy Boutique Las Vegas

4343 N. Rancho Dr, Suite 244
Las Vegas, NV 89130

(W. Craig & N. Rancho Dr.)

Tel No. : (702) 658-8820
Hotline: (702) 429-9217
Puppy Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 am - 7:00pm
I get about 40-65 pounds of pure(bred) love. Neither my bark nor my bite is bad and, if you scratch me behind the ears, I’ll consider adding you to my inner circle of humans.

"Healthy Puppy...Naturally Happy"


I watch over four humans (two little ones and two big ones). The big ones think they’re in charge, but it’s the little ones that get my tail in a wagging frenzy.