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5on Google,Dec 14, 2018


Thank you so much! Cynthia, groomer had let me know that my puppy King Bailey had some “ gunk” in his right ear and was concerned that he might have an ear infection. I immediately made him an appointment with his vet and sure enough he had an ear infection. The vet said it was caught early as well which saved me some money. Thank you, thank you.

3on Google,Dec 09, 2018


Hard to rate. Puppies were adorable. Employees very helpful and friendly. Very clean facility. 3 stars be susie it was hard not to bring not one but two puppies home. We actually adopted from a rescue.

0on Facebook,Dec 07, 2018


I would highly recommend Puppy Boutique! The place is so clean and staff are so friendly, thorough and knowledgeable. It was our first time to visit their store and I was so amazed with how the place smelled so clean and even the puppies are all clean and smelled nice. Kelvin was nice to let me play and hold one of the Yorkie they had and that baby smelled so clean. If I didn’t have two puppies right now, I would have went home with that Yorkie last night haha! It’s just that my puppies are still young and still potty training the younger one. But I know for sure I will be purchasing a Yorkie someday 😍♥️♥️♥️

5on Google,Nov 28, 2018


Beautiful happy, healthy puppies.. clean place. Loved all the puppies

5on Google,Nov 04, 2018


Their dogs are pretty cheap and so so adorable! The staff is so nice and it’s fun playing with the dogs! Im hoping to soon be able to get a dog from here.

5on Google,Oct 29, 2018


Puppy Boutique is the place to go if you're looking for a new family member. Great selection of puppies!

5on Google,Oct 12, 2018


It's been over a year since I bought my french bulldog here, and I'm happy to report he has been in great health and has been the best addition to my family! The day we walked in, we must have spent a couple hours just playing with the puppy - never felt rushed, the employees answered all our questions and were happy to help. They made the process so easy, and I was thrilled that they had a vet lined up for the first check up after we brought him home (and already had him microchipped!). I stuck to what you're supposed to do with puppies, which is keeping them indoors and away from other non-vaccinated pets until he received all of his vaccinations. Clean bill of health! I moved out of state a year ago for work, but once I'm back in town, we plan to be back to add another frenchie to the family. Puppy Boutique will be our first and final stop! Thanks Paul & Family @ PB!

5on Google,Sep 11, 2018


We had the most amazing experience ever. Vanessa was amazing and she was honest and professional and informative! We had no hassles. We took our time and we had privacy to decide. We feel in love with our little Morkie guy!...he was the perfect choice for us. We are pawrents!! So happy. Awesome supplies and great prices top quality food choices. Clean. Well taken care of puppies. We will continue to come for grooming and supplies and friendship. Come here. Don't bother with the snooty rest. You will not regret it. They get awesome reviews.. I can see.why now...and I'm glad we came here. Love you Vanessa. Thank you for making us so happy! God bless you.

5on BirdEye,Sep 11, 2018


I came in to see what Puppy Boutique was about. Vanessa was amazing. So informative. Sweet and honest. Clean and well taken care of puppies. I went home and told my hubby to come. He was amazed also. We were given time to play with several...options and privacy to decide. We fell in love with our little Morkie guy! Great supplies. Good price. Took him home today! No hassle process! We are So happy!!. We are going to continue to come to Puppy Boutique for grooming food and friendship for our son! So glad we found you!! Thank you Vanessa!!! Bless you.

5on BirdEye,Sep 05, 2018


We got Ace our new Chihuahua puppy and we're so happy with him. He is cute, quite and very friendly. Thank you Puppy Bouquet for bringing us together. It's such a joy having him in our house.

5on Google,Sep 05, 2018


We have been going to this store for 2 plus years playing with the puppies. My grandson loves this store and enjoys playing with all the pups. Even though they have some of the cutest puppies ever, I finally saw the one for us and purchased her. This store has treated us amazingly each time we visit and we have to tell you we love our new addition to the family. Thank you all for letting us visit your store so many times with out purchasing We love our new baby and she will be well taken care of. We will also keep visiting your store so my grandson can play with the pups as it makes him very happy. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a good cuddly puppy and wants to be treated well.

5on Google,Aug 19, 2018


Like that it is family owned the people that worked their where really nice and helpful love my new puppy 🐕

5on Google,Aug 19, 2018


It is a wonderful experience playing with the different type of puppies. Me and my Husband have lots of fun. We take our 2 1/2 yrs old sharkes to get groom by Ms Laura. Thank you for making us feel at home when we bring Paige to be groom. Mr/Mrs Nicholson

5on Google,Aug 16, 2018


The team at Puppy Boutique did a wonderful job helping us with our decision of getting a new puppy. We primarily worked with Vanessa and she made sure we were happy and allowed us to take our time and we never felt pressured. The dogs are well kept and the area is clean and orderly. Top notch. I would recommend them to anyone. Perfect family operated place to get a new pup!